Desk, wall hanging

Closed : W107 x D25 x H57 cm

Open: W107 x D68 x H57 cm

The desk that does not take any floor space and always looks organized! There is space for two children at the desk.

Inside the desk you find space for drawing equipment and coloring books etc. A small lamp or a 17’’ flat screen can be placed in the center.   The wires are lead though the wire fitting to the switch.



B60 x W60 x H30 cm

The mobile box table has significant multi functionality, such as an efficient storage facility, junior table, coffee table, or extra seating, which makes it useful for many years.

The box table is perfect for smaller rooms with limited space. The addition of a divider creates four smaller compartments.

When you need the floor space you pull the box table under the bed.

Three Box tables fit under the bed.


Divider for box table

H28 x W28 x D28

Supplement to the box table. By adding the divider the storage area will convert into four smaller compartments.


Bookcase 1

L107 x D35 x H45 cm

Bookcase 1 offers multiple functionality, such as media bench, night table or storage. The bookcase is on wheels making it easy to move around. Two of the four strong casters have breaks to secure the position.

Space for 1 bookcase box.