Out side: W95 x L205 x H45 cm

In side: W89 x L189 cm

The bed is an essential part of the furnishings for a children’s room, and must assure a good night sleep.

With a light design the bed takes visually less space in the room. In addition, you are able to style it as couch to look inviting and to be a nice place to relax.



B60 x W60 x H30 cm

The mobile box table has significant multi functionality, such as an efficient storage facility, junior table, coffee table, or extra seating, which makes it useful for many years.

The box table is perfect for smaller rooms with limited space. The addition of a divider creates four smaller compartments.

When you need the floor space you pull the box table under the bed.

Three Box tables fit under the bed.


Half high bed

W95 x L205 x H120 cm

A half high bed with the popular cave beneath and a climbing wall.

When the child gets older the bed can be rebuild into a regular bed.


Safety Barrier

H12/18,5 x L120 cm

Supplement to the bed to avoid child and duvet to fall out of